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Quotation of Congress: Decision Making Process

April, 15th 2011

By: Indira Agustin/071012006


Congress in its committee rooms is congress at work.

-Woodrow Wilson-


Congress is an element of a democracy state to make bills and laws. Because there are so many realms that should be handled by congress by making the bills, congress distributes the tasks in several committees who responsible to each of the spesific issue. These committees are making and processing the bills day by day until it will be proposed to the president. Committees it self are divided into five parts. They are standing committee, joint committee, sub committee, select committee, and conference committee. Standing committee is a permanent committee that existed in both chambers of legislative. They hold a specific issues to make the bills. The standing committee is not just the committee that existed in both chambers. There is sub committee that hold it in detail, and watched by the standing committee. Joint committee is a committee that consist from both chambers. Joint committee make for the permanent issues, such finance and taxes. Besides there is a committee that selected to watched the operational of government if there is a deviation. And the last one is conference committee. It is will only work if the bill still debated by both chambers, and afterwards the bills proposed to the president. So it is surely that congress is a place of committees to work.

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