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Quotation of President

April, 21st 2011

By: Indira Agustin/071012006/Class A


“All of president’s power derived from people”

Abraham Lincoln, 1861


From the quotation above we can conclude that even the first man in the country has his power from the people. He doesn’t get it by his self. People give him legitimation to drive the governance for making decision for many issues and problems, ratifying laws, and so on. And in the end of his period of leading, he must give his responsibility to the people. That’s the aim. People choose him to give their trust and to get good governance and responsible for it. Since the first time of America’s independence, people there had always kept the democracy as their fundamental values together with liberty and freedom. Each one of Americans might be the candidate of president as long as they are capable for it. Just like in Indonesia. He just have to attract people’s interest to him by making campaign or anything else that could make people trust him.

President is chosen by people through Electoral College with 4 years for a period time, and limited for two periods. It is required to be a native American, at least 35 years old, and has been living in America in at least 14 years. His main agenda is to protect the constitution and laws that made by congress. Other duties are recommending bills to the congress, holding a particular meeting with congress, approving or vetoing the bills, and so on.

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