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Quotation of Political Parties

May, 20th 2011

By: Indira Agustin/071012006/Class A


“The morality of a [political] party must grow out of the conscience and the participation of the voters.”


Political parties play important roles in democratic country. By considering that political party is used to coordinate people’s aspirations, so it should collect and concentrate the needs and problems of its members and supporters to fulfill the aspirations of the people. Political party should supply medium so people can give voice and express their aspirations, whereas it is an institutionalized mediator between society and those who are capable and have the authority to make decisions. If political parties didn’t work in a ‘good’ way, so how then it can be an appropriate mediator between the civilian. Moreover parties are serving many vital roles and also performing several functions in a democratic society. So it is important for a political party to have such a conscience like stated in quotation above. And parties ought to be that way to influence public policy by getting its candidates elected to public office.

Besides having such a conscience, political parties also should collect as many as votes from people to make its candidates elected in the elections. Then having such a conscience is other way to attract people that can be performed besides campaigning.


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