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Quotation of Mass Media and Interest Group

By: Indira Agustin/071012006/Class A


“I think what we try to do is bring the news to our viewers in a very comprehensive responsible way.”

-Wolf Blitzer-

As the quotation stated above, that news which is brought to the viewers should be in a responsible way. Whereas the media plays an important role in making opinion of the people, so the media should be able to broadcast an objective side, at least it serves two different points of view in certain issues. As the broadcasting has its own act that regulate in Communication Act in 1937. In this act stated that mainly about the opportunities of the candidate’s campaign. It requires all of the broadcast station to give the same chances to the politician in making arguments. And Democratic party has been the main party that support this. And it usually called as a Fairness doctrine. Beside the Fairness doctrine there is also Equal Opportunities rule, that is a policy that regulates the broadcast station to also give the same chances for the political candidate to campaign their selves. It was made by the government’s worried if the candidates not given the same chances, there will be manipulating in the elections by the broadcast stations. This rule is set in the Radio Act in 1927 which in later time is amended to be Communication Act in 1934. But the permission in using this broadcast media could be withdrawn by the Commission if they use the right that they have in a wrong way for example using media for his self interests.

By those elaborations we may conclude that if we use the mass media in the right way and purpose, we will be able to make it in a responsible way.


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